Before You Travel

Why Roam Eazy Holidays?

  • Tailor-Made experiences

  • No Hidden Fine Print

  • Hassle Free Travel

  • Flexible Options

  • Experience First

  • 100% Human Touch

  • 24/7 Helpline

  • Extensive Network

What kind of trip can you plan for me?

Fancy a quick getaway or a slow, immersive multi-week journey? A celebration for a special occasion, or just an impromptu escape? We’ll plan it all- our strength lies in our flexibility, and we ensure that your experience is unique to you.

How long does it take to plan a trip?

From the moment you get in touch, we’ll schedule a couple of calls or virtual/face-to-face meetings, to get to understand you better. Once we get an idea of what your expectations are from your holiday, We come back in a couple of days with delightful suggestions and an exciting plan. We’ll work it over with you as quickly or slowly as you need- we just want you to be happy!

Can you book my flight?

Of Course! As an IATA-accredited agent, we have direct access to IATA’s vast airline network, and beyond. If you’re looking to charter a private jet, yacht, or helicopter, we can sort that out too. If you’d like to book your flights yourself, we’re okay with that as well.

Can you help me with my visa/entry requirements?

Our team would be happy to assist with the visa application process, in line with the requirements for your destination. We are always in the know of the latest entry requirements, especially now with regards to health & safety, and will keep you updated.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

Your safety is our priority. So, we highly recommend that all travellers have a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers any unfortunate events that may occur during your trip. If you wish, we can help facilitate the same at the time of your booking.

Do I need a Vaccine?

Depends on where you are going. Our team will inform you of the vaccination list, if any are required, as an entry requisite to your destination. Your medical practitioner is the best person for you to consult to ensure you are up-do-date on your vaccinations.

Do I get the same itinerary as someone else?

All our trips are curated especially for you, keeping your dreams and expectations in mind. We don’t do any off-the-shelf travel packages. This ensures your travel story stays unique to you.

Payment & Policies

How do I pay Roam Eazy Holidays?

We accept payment in local currency (INR) by Bank Transfer, Debit Card & Credit Card. Prices are quoted on the prevailing rate of exchange on the day of the quote. If there are any additional charges involved, you will be duly informed of them by our team in advance. If you wish to pay in another currency, please inform us during the planning process.

When will I need to make payment for my trip?

Due to the flexible nature of our trips, payment conditions vary from trip to trip. Our team will keep you informed about the amount of payment required at various stages leading up to your trip or during the booking process.

What if I need to postpone/cancel my trip?

We understand that unavoidable circumstances arise, which may render you unable to travel on a prescheduled and paid-for trip. We try and offer maximum flexibility as is possible, and work with partners who share our ethos. Booking conditions are always informed to you in advance, during the booking process. Should an unforeseen event occur we’ll always do our best to ensure you don’t lose any hard-earned money.

Is it cheaper booking through a travel company than doing it myself?

Designing bespoke travel keeping in mind your specific needs, requirements and dreams takes a lot more time and effort than selling off-the-shelf travel. Through our extensive network, we have access to inside deals and secret offers that simply aren’t available to the public. So, we definitely will save you a whole lot of time, and perhaps some money as well!

Is there a fee for your service?

There are no hidden or extra fees for our services. You only pay for your holiday and for what has been quoted to you.

While On Your Trip

Can I book extra services once I have booked and paid?

Of course! We understand that new ideas or experiences may come to mind as you count down the days to your trip or are on the road. Just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests.

I’ve already booked some elements of my trip, can you organise just my activities & experiences?

Unfortunately, no. Our strength lies in providing you a hassle-free travel experience, which can be done when we handle the vast majority of your trip.

Who looks after us when we are on our trip?

During your trip, our team is available 24×7, whatever time zone you may be in. In addition to that, you’ll always have a local contact who will manage your day-to-day on ground needs. That always works best as they are best placed to respond immediately, and speak the local language.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

Should there be an emergency, our team is at your prompt disposal. No waiting on hold at an international call centre. You will also have numbers of our local representatives and emergency services.

When You Are Back

I need to tell you about my trip, how do I share feedback?

We love hearing our travellers’ stories! We encourage you to share them with us at travel@roameazyholidays.com. Alternatively, leave us a review on Google that’s a great way for you to share your experiences and recommendations with other travellers.

I took some great photos on my trip. How can I share them with you?

We’d love to see them! You could send them to our team, or if you’re on social media, tag us when you upload your photos and we’ll be sure to see them!

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