Who We Are

What We Do

At Roam Eazy, we are your one-stop-shop for hassle-free, travel experiences- one’s that become incredible memories to share and cherish! From flight and hotel reservations to helping with visas, paperwork, and one-of-a-kind experiences, we have you covered for every budget and wish list.

We steer away from the conventional melancholy of travel connecting you with local cultures and natural wonders that go beyond the guidebook. We hate last-minute surprises and hidden fine print, so you can trust us and our network of venerable partners to always deliver on our promises.

We take pride in giving you a canvas to paint your story through a bespoke, personalized itinerary. Replete with twists & thrills, wow & wonder, grandeur & glory, we work with you to create a story that no one else but you alone can call your own. You roam- we’ll make it easy!

Our Philosophy

We are all about immersive journeys that are a unique reflection of you. Our carefully curated experiences assure you that our high standards are met, never compromising on quality.

With an ethos of trust, quality, and purpose at the core, we set out to explore travel in a more meaningful way. We see ourselves as enablers and work with partners around the world, empowering local communities and sourcing goods & services from local suppliers. We value the enrichment every travel experience brings for guests and strive to give back to the community that supports us. We work with wildlife lodges across the world and resorts in the Indian Ocean, which have active conservation & sustainability projects.

At Roam Eazy, our sojourns have a purpose that spurs passion and fuels change. We make travelling responsibly and with a purpose, a reality.

Our Team

Travel has been in our DNA for more than 20 years and everything we do stems from a place of passion and love.

We are a young brand conceptualized by a couple of ardent travellers, Siddharth and Tanvi, who love to craft bespoke travel escapades. A duo with a rich corporate and travel experience of their own, their goal is to amalgamate expectations of a destination to the needs of their clients. They create a unique canvas for travel tales by blending professionalism, customer service, and passion all together.

When it comes to travel, Siddharth is the serial planner. He loves to meticulously plan and organize with his team, so that every detail is captured to perfection. He is the ‘To Do’ traveller with a definitive checklist for every destination in place. With experiences conjured from miles of travelling, Siddharth will ensure you have a delightful travel affair.

For Tanvi, travelling is a journey fuelled by enthusiasm. She adds the icing on the cake and deep dives into the cultural facets of the destination. She believes that travel should inspire new and rekindle old interests. Profoundly inspired by the cultural dynamism of a place, her travel escapades have many moments to ‘Pause and Reflect’.

They are supported by an enthusiastic team who is always in the know. They are always researching and gathering the latest information from destinations, keeping in touch with our guests and having their ears to the ground for safety and practical information.

From everyone at Roam Eazy, you can expect approachable, personalized service from your first point of contact, to your very last travel moment.